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 What is Care Management?
Care management is a set of activities designed to assist patients and their support systems in managing medical conditions and related psychosocial problems more effectively, with the aims of improving patients’ functional health status, enhancing the coordination of care, eliminating the duplication of services, and reducing the need for expensive medical services. 

*Bodenheimer T, Berry-Millett R: Follow the money - Controlling expenditures by improving care for patients needing costly services. New Engl J Med 2009;361(16):1521-1523
Who can benefit from Care Management?
What are the advantages of Care Management?
  • ​Patients with multiple complex chronic illnesses such as Diabetes, COPD, Congestive Heart Failure.
  • ​Patients with uncontrolled chronic conditions such as Diabetes.
  • ​Patient struggling with life issues that prevent them from managing their health.
  • Improved quality of care through more office visits and/or routine phone calls
  • Assistance with medications, how/when to take and work through barriers you face due to side effects.
  • ​Follow up after hospital stay
  • Finding additional help when needed such as assistance with prescription fees or housing
  • Help you learn more about your health condition and what you can do to feel better
  • ​Better control of your condition
How to I access Care Management?
Speak with your primary care provider.  Partners in Health has two qualified Care Managers, Christy Alexander, PA-C and Krystal Auernhamer, PA-C, CDE.
Christy Alexander, PA-C
Krystal Auernhamer, PAC, CDE